Got a Life Outdoors?

Got a Life Outdoors?  Probably not or very little according to an EPA study which says that the average American spends only 7% of their life outside.  I’ll discuss the reasons & implications behind this inward shift in subsequent posts.

Life Outdoors gives my wife and I the opportunity to share our story of how we are trying to validate, educate and celebrate our life outdoors and how it makes our time indoors significantly richer and more sustainable. We want to share our journey of discovery and the lessons we’re learning from a wide variety of inspirational people, places, creatures, foods, skills and experiences. We want to encourage others to create their own life outdoors and live closer to one another and this amazing planet.

Join us as we begin our Life Outdoors on January 1st, 2018. We’d love to hear about your life outdoors and how you are making a positive difference at home and in your community to inspire others. This picture of our two grandsons epitomizes why it’s essential for us to create a sustainable future.

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