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If you missed our event in April, don't worry! All (or almost all) of the night's talks are now available to stream online. Go get inspired.

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Ignite the Change is a fast paced celebration of positive change where 14 exemplary heroes will share their 5-minute stories about how they are making a positive difference in the world, especially the Treasure Valley.

Timberline’s TREE Club is our host for this our first inaugural Ignite the Change event because its members want to get other students and the general public energized about all the creative and positive things that are being done in our community and to ultimately motivate them to “pay it forward.”  For more information about Life Outdoors’ TREE program go to our website.  You might also want to check out Life Outdoors’ Outside Day initiative to see how TREE members are helping younger students appreciate sustainability and the benefits of being outdoors.

It’s time to ignite the change and focus on the positive by recognizing and celebrating amazing success stories from individuals and groups who are truly making a difference by creating a better, safer and more sustainable planet. It’s time to re-ignite hope and enthusiasm within kids of all ages. Let’s make Earth Day 2015 something special by showing that a positive change is happening and we’re energized to be part of this transformation.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

—Anthropologist Margaret Mead

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